Closing out another season Posted on 5 Nov 15:37 , 0 comments

As we close out another successful show season, It's now time to think about 2016. 6 months flies by when you have new tests to learn and teach the horses the new required movements for the next level. Fortunately I have had the chance to train consistently with USDF Gold Medalist Rita Brown, Head Trainer at Longmeadow Farm, and participate in clinics with Pam Goodrich, 
The emphasis in Goliath's training will be learning the flying changes and half passes which are required for 3rd level. Hannah will be schooling the second level movements. 
My clinic and training sessions are open to spectators, contact me via email or find me on Facebook NSB Equestrian if you are interested in coming to watch. 
Along with my show horses I still have many other horses in training and students that require my concentration. Although we have been blessed with a beautiful fall we all know winter is right around the corner so we are trying to spend as much time in the saddle as possible before the first snow flakes hit the ground!
Until next time,