Natalie's Weekend summary Posted on 30 Aug 19:46 , 0 comments

The show we've been waiting for all season.....the CRAA -IFSHA Region 1 Championships. The horses arrived late morning, Thursday August 27th, and are settled into their new surroundings. I arrive later in the day after riding 3 other horses in training at home. Goliath and I had a rocky start to our schooling session but after 45 minutes of determination and persuasion I finally receive relaxation! Hannah was her cool calm collective self!
Friday August day #1, both horses warm up perfectly giving me the confidence needed for the show ring. Hannah went first and was consistent and obedient in first level test 1. We are starting to get to know each other and I'm learning how much I can ask as this is only my second time competing her. Goliath put in two solid rides in second level test 1 and 3....he's a big chicken under saddle and relies on me being his confident leader! The day finished with three wins! Unfortunately the judge was tough and the scores were considerably low across the board.
Saturday August 29th....second and final day of showing. A new day and a different judge, we had nothing to loose! Hannah was competed by her owner and won training level test 2 with a rewarding 67.5%.
Goliath warmed up great, supple and focused but feeling a little fatigued. He put in his most respectable ride of the season in second level test 1, then we both rallied in second level test 3 to put in a decent test considering how hot and tired we both were. We had a win with a 66.9% in 2nd 3 and a win in 2nd 1 with a 70.1% which gave us our highest score to date in second level and rewarded us with high score of the show. We had many highlights and I beat my personal best with an 8.5 out of 10 for my position.
All in all a great weekend, great horses, great owners and supporters.
No time for show for these horses is Sunday September 6th!